I’m starting to Twitter more since I found out it’s a good job search tool. If I post about things in my field of interest, (graphic design, web design, photography) I’ll attract followers and increase visibility. If you want to follow me my Twitter name is dianetee.

Remember when we thought people weren’t very bright, we’d say “that silly twit”?


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Joe McNally: Letter to a young photographer

This was an inspiring post by Joe McNally, a photographer I admire.

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Two new posts from Seth Godin

Seth Godin makes some great points today over on his blog. One post talks about whether you should take any job you can get in this tough economy, the other says since no one is working anyway, you might as well do something because you love it. Check out the posts and let me know what you think.

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Tutorials for making icons for your blog or website

I just came across this link at and I want to check out some of the ways to make icons. This blog looks visually boring to me so it’s time to spice it up.

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Goals for my professional life

career goals, creative vision, graphic design

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New Look

I changed my blog template. The other one was cool, dark and artsy but hard to read. This one’s a bit more boring but the content is easier to access. Any comments or feedback on the change?

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Tutorial – Tips For Blog Templates & Blog Design In Photoshop

This is a nice tutorial for making your blog stand out.

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